Everyday at The Lion is like a beer and cider fest!
-review by Jerry

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Wow!!! What a fantastic selection of beers and ciders.... Everyday at The Lion is like a beer and cider fest!

I had an amazing time at your open mic night.
-review by Jake

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I had an amazing time at your open mic night guys! Thanks for letting me play, so many great people there.
See you again soon! Jake

...general knowledge quiz on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun...
-review by Sarah Anderson

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Came in for a quick half after after work and ended up taking part in the general knowledge quiz on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun but we found it a bit tough. Next time we're coming in force... we know a guy with glasses and a beard!!!

Basfords best kept secret. Keep up the good work.
-review by Jane Stewarts

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Basfords best kept secret.This charming little place is where the party is. If you want it?... They've probably got it.
We came down for the bank holiday festival. Granted you couldn't move but with so many great bands all day, we didn't want to be anywhere else.
Keep up the good work.

A home away from home... 2 very big thumbs up well done!
-review by Colin Matthews

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A home away from home...
I've been coming here for around 3 years now and things have only been getting better.
Excellent music, great events, friendly staff that make you feel welcome, a vast selection of ales, ciders and wines.
If you enjoy a tipple then this is the place for you.
2 very big thumbs up, well done!

this is my sort of pub...
-review by David Briggs

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The Lion is an exceptional place. Someone once said that in most walks of life you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Someone else noted that you have just twenty seconds to 'clinch the deal' to a new customer. Being somewhat more patient than all that stuff, my wife and I made our minds up about the Lion at Basford in let's say, forty seconds? That's probably how long it took before we both said in two-part harmony "this is my sort of pub". And it is. So, which of the 'boxes' got ticked so quickly? Somewhere to park for a start for the non-drinking driver. Then, immediately you see and feel what a pub should look and feel like, a pub! A real pub! A pub where the customers actually smile or give a welcoming nod as you assess the bar offerings. Real ale lovers we are, and, spoilt for choice we rejoiced studying the pump taps and blackboards. So, congratulations Lion at Basford! Another piece of Nottingham has held true. And you have two new customers.

As usual the bar staff were second to none. Now how good is The Lion. WELL DONE ALL
-review by Stuart Stevenson

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Chis Foss`s 50th Birthday bash was amazing with live music the whole night from Chris himself, Mary,Ash and Maurice who play the open mic nights,Messes Steve Bliss and Steve Daulton AKA The Boot Hill Toe Tappers ( also the open mic organizers )and no less than 3 live bands, As usual the bar staff were second to none. Now how good is The Lion. WELL DONE ALL Stuart stevenson

-review by Stuart Stevenson

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Great set from Shades of Blue last Saturday. Quite a few new numbers and the welcome addition of a tenor sax made for a very enjoyable night...

...a solid night of great music.
-review by Cathy Porter

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Friday 3rd October,Despite the Goose Fair being on El Gecko once again with there own inimitable style of Folk Rock and Roll brought in the customers and gave a solid night of great music. This band never fails to deliver a wide variety of musical entertainment.


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